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Illegal immigration is too politically complicated to solve "comprehensively"

Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Why are some in congress and White House pushing for a "comprehensive” immigration package? The answer that comes to mind is that many of the provisions of this package would not be accepted by the public if they were presented individually. This suggests that certain groups are willing abandon principle and the overall good of the country in pursuit of the self-centered goals of their members.

Some of these groups are easily identified. Labor leaders want a closed labor market. They oppose temporary workers who might work for lower wages and are not subject to being recruited by unions. You might think then that unions would support closing the border, but apparently that is not the case. Certain businesses seek to take advantage of the illegal immigrant pool as a source of cheap labor. They are short-sighted for not understanding that immigrants who stay in this country will soon develop the same wage demands as natives. Some ethnic and racial groups and their associated organizations simply seek the power that large numbers can provide. And then there are political parties, each of whom has its own agenda.

Some actions would be welcomed by an overwhelming majority of our citizens. Closing the border is the essential first step and is critical to all other issues related to immigration. Had the border been previously closed, all of the other items in the present bill would have already been debated and decisions made on how to proceed.

With closed borders, unions will face less low wage competition. However, they would also have millions fewer potential new union members. Businesses that rely on hard work at low wages would have to reconsider their methods of operation or convince the American people that importing workers was critical for the nation’s (not the businesses’) economy. Closed borders will help to reduce the threat that our southwestern states will soon become a haven for Mexican citizens whose support is provided by the citizens of the United States. 

I realize that some well meaning legislators are trying to create the best possible solution presently possible for the near disaster that our open border has created. However, this comprehensive (read compromise) approach carries too much baggage that most of us can’t support. Do Americans really want to reward illegal immigrants with a chance to become citizens? Let’s have an open debate on that single subject and react based on our mutual decision.

Other immigration related issues should also be individually debated rather than hiding them inside a package that almost no one believes will solve the current problem, but that powerful groups are willing to support for their personal gain. A compromise may be reached, but it will not provide real solutions and will be so cumbersome that it will be impossible to implement. Let’s rethink this approach before it’s too late.

Illegal immigration's factors are too many to be solve in one large sized bag